Tradiio is a rewards based music discovery app.


Tradiio is a rewards-based music discovery app, where you can listen to and virtually invest in the best new music.

Design Team Lead + Front-End
Year: 2015

During the year 2015, my team and I worked on the new versions of the Web, iOS, and Android Apps. After launching the first web and iOS versions in 2014, we decided to improve the product across all apps to provide a better user experience.

Unlike other music streaming platforms that only allow users to listen and share music, Tradiio goes a step further to engage users through a ‘game’ that sees them interacting directly with music makers via a stock market mechanism of buying and selling songs.

Let's take a look on the Web version first.


I had the pleasure of working on this project in parallel with other great designers, Leo Xavier, Eduardo Santos, Jorge Olino, André Santos, and Wence. 

Profile Page

The primary function of virtual money, of course, is to make investments. These investments may earn a user ‘profit’ or result in a loss. So if a user invests in a popular artist, their profit margin grows. Each user must be able to view the performance of his/hers investments in the corresponding profile.


Artists Dashboard

Artists can upload music that they have created, allowing listeners to ‘invest’ in them. They’re free to make music of any genre they wish — it’s entirely up to them to make the most of the platform. 

We also created a place where they can see statistics about the performance of their music in the song market.


Song Page

The songs are the investment objects on Tradiio, so they deserve their own page. The user can see the top investors, listeners, and other information about the song.